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Self Improvement
Learn cutting edge techniques successfully being used to reduce or even eliminate anxiety problems! Many anti-anxiety methods are clever, quick, easy, and even pleasurable, often leading to a significant reduction in the intensity, frequency, and duration of anxiety episodes. Even the elimination of anxiety problems has been reported by some. And they do not have to be done perfectly! This is a class. There will be NO individual or group psychotherapy. There will be NO doctor-patient relationship.  Just sit back, relax, watch and listen to Dr. Brody's demonstrations and presentations of techniques that he has successfully used in his practice with people who (1) were “worry warts” (excessively worrying over way too many things), (2) were afraid to do things that most people do with little or no hesitation (phobic), and with people who (3) had sudden attacks of overwhelming anxiety that seemed to come out of nowhere (panic attacks). Learn about the causes of these anxiety problems. Learn how Dr. Brody overcame his own anxiety problems! Read a detailed description of this class  online. Visit Materials will include pads of paper and pens for optional note taking, and a thumb drive in which there will be the course outline, course notes, information about anxiety, and a relaxation recording.  

Start date: 11/01/17

End date: 11/15/17

Weekly - Wed 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM (11/1/2017-11/15/2017)


Tuition: $199.00

Materials Cost: $0.00

Instructor : JEFFREY BRODY 

3 sessions.

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